Theatre Kitchen

A fully equipped first class theatre kitchen. This is the heart of the bEAuTy Food Academy. Show off your new products, offer a perfect cooking masterclass or delight your audience with a unique cooking experience.


The theatre kitchen has capacity for a maximum of 20 seated guests and is fully equipped with cold storages, dishwashers, a kitchen with 6 gas burners, fryers, grills and Rational oven. With a built in hot-spots camera system, you can even live stream what‘s happening in the kitchen.

Dinning Room

The biggest area in the facilities is what we call a flexi-space. Depending on your needs, it can be a perfect place for a wide variety of events.


On dining room mode, it can host a unique and unforgettable private dinner for min.10 and max 80 guests.

Conference Hall

You are looking for some place to host a conference? Or maybe screening a film? Stop looking. Our flexi-space is also fully multimedia equipped. With a wide scrollable screen, a projector and a complete sound system.


This mode makes the room the perfect place for a successful corporative event or film premiere. For a maximum of 120 guests.

Master Classes

If you are aiming for bigger masterclasses or workshops, you can also have them at the flexi-space. This option will also give your guests better views of the garden-terrace while attending the event.

Exhibition Hall

By removing the furnishing, you can get a diaphanous space. Perfect for hosting gallery and exhibition premieres, or art events for 150 guests.


And if you make sure to book our catering service you won’t have to worry about the mood of the audience. We are sure it will be a success.

Cerveceria, Urban Garden & Terrace

The outdoor terrace hosts a cerveceria and an urban garden. It is the perfect spot for an outdoor meal or barbecue, to enjoy some drinks or just chill-out in a nice environment. The nicely wooden designed cerveceria comes with 4 built-in beer taps that will surely cheer up any beer lover.


The greenery of the terrace consists in fruit trees, and there‘s also a small urban garden upstairs, which is one of the most charming areas of the building.

Cocktail Bar

The second floor is a fully restored factory-like area turned into an amazing cocktail bar and drinks laboratory. The bar is designed to satisfy the needs of the best barmans, and completely decorated with ambience lights and finishings that will please the most demanding guests.


The bar is completed with a fully decorated chill-out zone, with comfortable sofas, and a back-stage fully equiped drinks laboratory. The icing on the cake is the —still working— industrial crane that presides over the room.