The bEAuTy Food Academy in Barcelona welcomes people, communities and companies, that are seeking inspiration and experience with food and drink in a new uplifting exciting space in Poble Nou.

bEAuTy is inclusive, and not exclusive. Our joy is to share good food and good mood with great company. Everyone is invited, and everyone should experience this plentiness.

Our success is measured in simple terms of the joy you feel when great producers and masters bring to you unique and exciting experiences. You eat, you experience and you learn.

What is bEAuTy

Food brings us all together

bEAuTy is a way to understand gastronomy and dining based on  three fundamental pillars: Experience, Knowledge and Taste. 

We are a food and drinks academy based in Barcelona, that is dedicated to the exploration of ingredients and dining through edible learning. 

Our joy is when we share food and good moods with great company.

We will bring all the things we know and care about together in order to create for you uniquely exciting experiences. This is bEAuTy!

How do we do it?

Through the expansion of knowledge about products, production and processes of transformation, we work with all the key links of the gastronomy and the cultures that embrace it.

We understand gastronomy as a cultural reference, as a link between people, as a social fact, and an emotional fact, as tool for learning, as a therapy and, of course, as a symbol of evolution.

At bEAuTy, we focus both on traditional cuisine and innovative creative cuisine; the kitchen of survival and the kitchen of the exceptional.

We talk about products of proximity, of native products and products of other latitudes. Gastronomic trends that express new thoughts and feelings, ways to see life and ways to live it; vegetarians, vegans, pescaterians. We embrace our food and our planet.

We are slow food, and why not, we also understand and include fast food from good sustainable sources.

We know that there are close ties with the gastronomy and health, and that food intolerances increase daily.  We consider our food academy as a complete social event and cooking as a stimulus for all the senses.

We have a great space and facilities in Barcelona, Poble Nou, which is a paradigm of modernity, youth and technology and we are generators and promoters of cultural, economic and social tendencies related to gastronomy, cuisine and food.

We believe in a culture of recycling and reuse of all our spaces and objects. That is why the bEAuTy Food Academy is located in an old industrial warehouse, recovered to create a space for the development and diffusion of the gastronomic world and beyond.

Our services include

Private space hire
Drinks reception
Product launches
Press events
Team cookery lessons
Master classes
Chef’s table
Christmas, events
Birthdays and celebrations
Filming and photo shoots
Networking receptions
Corporate functions


100% privacy
bEauTy food
and beverage
props and decor